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Illustration for article titled Product and Services of Essay Shark Writing Service is a website which is a bit different. So, when you place your order, you actually sent it out for bids. Then, any writer who has an Essay Shark profile can then bid on your order and you, as a customer, can make a selection and choose who is going to handle your paper. Of course, the site has its benefits, and it cuts on the price you pay to the one you employ to write your article.
We have based our review of EssayShark on several transparent criteria, such as testimonials and customer reviews we found on their site, as well as on other platforms or websites, the content of the site itself, the rating, and the research paper our employees has ordered from them.


Their Products & Services
On their website, you can find a broad range of academic writing services, suitable for various academic levels, from high school to Master’s and Doctorate’s programs. They include the following types of writing:
• Papers
• Essays
• Book reviews
• Case studies
• Presentations
• Research proposal
• Coursework assignments
• Thesis and dissertations
We have checked the “Top Writers” page, and we could notice that it presented the subject fields in which the writers offer their services, but their profiles did not include the academic level. Still, each academic domain is covered as a whole.
Quality of Papers and the Writers’ Promptness
For this evaluation, we checked the sample essays and papers you can access on for free, but we also considered the results of our own order – a research paper. The feedback offered by other customers was also important for us.
• The testimonials on their site are all positive regarding their top writers.
• On other websites and social media platforms, we also found some clients who were not happy about their products’ quality or who were not satisfied regarding the responsiveness of the writers. But other customers appreciated that they could contact their authors directly via email.
• The quality of the sample papers we reviewed varies hugely. Some of them have relevant and reliable data which supports their statement and are unbiased, while others use elementary language and resources that date from ten years ago.
• When we placed an order for a research paper in literature, we have received plenty of bids immediately. We selected one writer and then requested more details on his background or degree. The problem was that finally, he admitted he has no degree in literature. We placed another order, emphasizing the importance of this aspect and we selected a writer who is a Master’s graduate in this field. He respected our instructions and delivered the paper on time, but the used resources were secondary, and the language style was rather suitable for a high school writing, not for a research paper of graduate level, as we have specified from the start.
About money – prices, coupon codes and discounts
The prices offered by are the choice of each writer so that the company can neither influence them nor offer any discounts, coupon codes or any promo code. Still, you are allowed to negotiate with the writers on the bid, so that you can obtain a better price if you want.
Regarding the payment methods, they are all secured by an SSL processor. Therefore, any payment you do on this website is secure. But pay attention that there is always a company service fee for any order, which is added by the site automatically.
Our conclusion is not fraud, but you have to pay particular attention to the writer you choose because the quality of your paper depends on his skills and experience in your subject. Still, the fact that you receive bids and can select a writer is a plus, not to mention that you can negotiate the price.

Illustration for article titled Product and Services of Essay Shark Writing Service

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